Our Top Mission...

is to promote democracy by providing strong advocacy and strategic platform that aims to improve the quality of credible elections and good governance in Nigeria.


Our core focus!

The immediate and primary focus of ICE Nigeria is strong advocacy of free and fair and violent-free elections in Rivers State (ICE@Rivers). ICE@Rivers is the pioneer programme of ICE Nigeria

ICE@Rivers a citizen action for non-violent elections in Rivers state – A coalition of individuals committed to achieving peaceful and non-violent elections in Rivers State. We roll up our sleeves and walk the talk! Our power comes from the grassroots and people are the source of our strength. They come from all over Rivers state, from each of the 23 LGAs and from all walks of life. They are rural and urban, youth, adult and senior citizens, lower, middle and upper, male and female and have different faiths and political persuasions.

Our grassroot and mass movement advocacy focuses on sensitization, character reformation, re-orientation and attitudinal change and conscientization of youths, #YouthMobilization especially the unemployed youths and political actors. ICE@Rivers partners with diverse stakeholders involved in youth education. We believe that civic education is a prerequisite for a well-functioning democracy. It is imperative that new generations have a thorough understanding of the democratic system and an appreciation of the values that are meant to govern our society. We are also working with collaborating partners who are also involved in the democracy and governance field.

The memory of events that characterized the 2015 elections is horrible, horrific and horrendous. It is unacceptable and should not be allowed to occur again! It has been stated that; if the power to resolve problems lies in the hands of those who make decisions, it is equally true that power also lies in the hands of those who define the alternatives upon which decisions are made. In Democracy, power belongs to the PEOPLE and people have potential power to define the alternatives upon which decisions concerning urban life are made. The balance of power is changing. Power and authority comes from “understanding” and “organization”. Simply put, if we have more understanding about government – and if we are organized, WE THE PEOPLE can help to control and direct government to do what we want. Our power comes from the grassroots; people coming together #CitizenAction to push the edge of the possible. It will take time – but ultimately it is as simple as that. WE CAN! Active Citizenship

The apprehension of 2019 elections is a growing concern to everyone and that makes peaceful and non-violent elections a thing of big public interest.

We are working to ensure all citizens political rights including the right to vote and stand for office, by engaging in activities that promote citizen participation, violent-free elections, safeguard political and civil rights through a program policy advocacy, civic education and electoral observation.

Election Observation
Election observation usually start long before Election Day, with experts and long-term observers analyzing election laws, assessing voter education and registration, and evaluating fairness in campaigns. On Election Day, we will observe the casting and counting of ballots. In the days after the election, we will monitor the collation process, electoral dispute resolution, and the publication of final results. Before, during, and after an election, our findings will be reported through public statements on each process.

The model of ICE@Rivers will be replicated in other states of Nigeria.

1. No to Rigging
2. No to Fight
3. No to Violence
4. No bloodletting
5. No to Killing


What we do (ICE Focus)
Awareness creations, Sensitization, character reformation, conscientization, mobilization and stakeholder engagements e.t.c through Advocacy, Grassroot mobilization, Mass mobilization, Multi-stakeholder Engagement and Dialogue.

What we do (ICE Focus):
Citizen observation and monitoring of electoral processes
Civic Education and Public Outreach
Research and Advocacy for improved electoral framework
Media and Information
Networking and Capacity Building