Research and Advocacy

The activities of this programme focus on research into electoral issues including electoral reforms and the roles and activities of election management body (INEC), political parties, security agents and voters which has long been identified as one of the key problem areas in the electoral process in Nigeria.  The programme also seeks to promote and advocate for good practices in the whole electoral process of Rivers State and Nigeria.

Overall Objective
The overall objective of this programme is to promote the creation of a legal framework (Electoral Act) and election culture conducive for free and fair and non-violent elections.

Specific Objectives
The programme’s specific objectives are:
To promote and engage in peaceful dialogue on election related issues.
To provide fair and objective information and analyses on election related issues.
To increase the capacity of local, national and international stakeholders to understand election issues in Rivers state and Nigeria
To equip citizens with information and skills necessary to advance their knowledge on election issues in Rivers state and Nigeria

Target groups
Electorate, women, youth, students, labour organisations, faith based organisations, government officials and policy makers; electoral management bodies; Parliament; community leadership; traditional rulers, political leadership, parties, researchers and any other stakeholders.

Research (research papers, opinion polls and surveys, shadow reports, simplification of election legislation, reform recommendations; compliance audits of national and international standards);
Advocacy (meetings around lobbying and advocacy on issues such as lobbying for monitoring status to be accorded to civil society, workshops, conferences, reform recommendations, etc.);
Analysis of election finances and advocacy for equitable distribution (budgetary monitoring etc.);
Publicity activities (public meetings, debates, lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences, interactive fora etc.); and
Code of Conduct in election activities.

Key Result Areas
Under the Plan, the following results will be sought:
Increased community awareness.
Vibrant, active and responsible citizenry resulting in good governance.
Increased public participation in deliberating on and pressing for electoral reforms.
Adoption of meaningful electoral reforms.
Improved electoral systems, practices and processes.