Media and Information

The overall goal of the programme is to gather and disseminate electoral information to all interested stakeholders. The programme also seeks to encourage the media in all its forms to become and act as a constructive and objective partner in strengthening the electoral process in Rivers state and Nigeria.  The programme seeks to address amongst others, the problems of partisan reporting, inequitable access to the media by the stakeholders such as political parties and lack of transparency and information dissemination to the electorate using all media channels.

Media and Information
The overall objective of this programme is to effectively gather, disseminate and communicate information about elections and other democratic processes in Rivers state and Nigeria.

Specific Objectives
The specific objectives of this programme are:
To encourage fair and accurate media coverage of elections.
To promote ICE as a non-partisan, independent and objective organization in the field of elections.

Target Groups
Media practitioners, electorate, youth, students, policy makers, researchers, political parties, election management bodies, ICE members and partners and the international community.

To collect, store and disseminate information about elections and related issues (through statements, reports, alerts, op-eds, advertorials, monographs, books and social media etc.).
To provide capacity building for media practitioners, through workshops and meetings e.t.c, to provide fair and accurate coverage of elections.
To utilize the Resource Centre more actively and effectively.
To produce and make more effective use of a Newsletter, annual reports; community newspapers, web-site, e-mail and alternative media).
To specifically package information for media consumption.

Key Result Areas
Under the Plan, the following results will be sought:
More people aware of ICE work and positions on elections.
Less self-censorship by journalists covering elections.
Public showing more enthusiasm in election related issues.
Better coverage of electoral issues by the media.
Improved communication during election time.
Electoral information in Rivers well documented and easily available/accessible to interested stakeholders.
Awareness of ICE activities and electoral issues on wider scale.
Positive interaction with the important stakeholders like the media, the electoral commission through sharing of information.