Citizen monitoring and observation of electoral processes

Impartial, credible election observers play a key role in shaping perceptions about the quality and legitimacy of electoral processes. The monitoring and observation of elections is vital as it enhances the electorate’s confidence in the electoral process and curbs electoral malpractices. The programme undertakes training and deployment of observers in all major elections in Nigeria, especially in all the 23 LGAs of Rivers State. Election monitoring and observation enhances the legitimacy of the final results and therefore contributes to the post-election democratic governance. Over the years this process has given greater insight to scrutinize election laws, regulations and processes as well as the need for voter education and information dissemination.

Overall objective
The overall objective of this programme is to promote democratic free and fair election processes through objectively monitoring and observing elections.

Election observation will start long before Election Day, with experts and long-term observers analyzing election laws, assessing voter education and registration, and evaluating fairness in campaigns. On Election Day, we will observe the casting and counting of ballots. In the days after the election, we will monitor the tabulation process, electoral dispute resolution, and the publication of final results. Before, during, and after an election, the our findings will be reported through public statements

Specific objectives
The programme’s specific objectives are:
To enhance confidence in the electoral system.
To deter electoral irregularities.
To foster participation in elections at LGA, state and national elections.
And to systematically gather and provide objective and accurate information about electoral processes to various stakeholders.

Target Groups
The electorate, election management body (EMB), political parties, youth and women.

The Election Monitoring and Observation programme intends to carry out the following activities:
Recruitment, training and deployment of observers (short term and long term observers, and maintaining a data base on observers);
Conducting of Voter Registration Audits (VRAs
Election monitoring and observation (state, parliamentary and presidential elections
Reporting (compiling of election reports);
Conducting of Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT);

Key Result Areas
Under the Plan, the following results will be sought:
Improved participation
Reduction in electoral irregularities.
Reduction in cases of violence and intimidation.
A more informed citizenry on electoral matters.
Greater adherence to the electoral law by stakeholders.

Elections Reports
Local Government Authority
State and National Assembly